The Bionatic Green Report

Environmental and human resources measures

"Do green and talk about it"

This report summarises how we orient and shape our current entrepreneurial actions in relation to the environment and our employees. It includes both the strategies and the concrete measures implemented in the areas of processes, environment, society and human resources development. With our Green Report, we are not only looking at the past business year, but also into the future. With this report, we are therefore also setting ourselves new medium and long-term goals that will move us forward on the path to a more sustainable future.

"We understand sustainability to mean economic activity that takes into account ecological compatibility, social justice and, at the same time, economic performance."

Dipl.-Ing. Frederik Feuerhahn
Sustainability Manager of the Bionatic Group

Dipl.-Ing. Frederik Feuerhahn - Nachhaltigkeitsmanager Bionatic Gruppe
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